I know how it is…

You go into your social media and see all these people traveling and making thousands of dollars every month, while you are spending most of your day working your a$$ off so your boss or your client can get rich.

Well, here is your opportunity to change that!

I created a FREE guide (ebook, freebie, whatever you wanna call it) so you can learn how to create, automate and launch your first online course even if you have zero social media followers!

Why are online courses an awesome opportunity for literally anyone who wants to step out of the rat race and start making passive income?


  • You can sell the knowledge and experience that you already have.
  • You don’t need to make a big economic investment.
  • You can build your social media presence and start pre-selling your course while working full-time.
  • You are creating an asset that you will be able to exploit forever.
  • You will make money while you travel, sleep or sip wine at a boujee restaurant.😉
  • You will be able to help more people than if you offer 1:1 coaching or online services.

What You Get by Downloading

How to Create and Launch Your Online Course

This How to Create and Launch Your Online Course Guide will teach you the essential strategies that I have used to create my own online course and help my clients develop, market and launch their online businesses in my six years of experience owning a marketing firm.

You will learn the basic steps to:

Find your niche and course topic. 🕵️‍♀️

Define Your Course Offer. 🤓

Outline your course content. 📋

Create your course offer. 🧲

Grow your audience.

Pre-sell your course. 💵


Content Breakdown:

Chapter 1: Find Your Course Idea

Find your niche

Ask your audience

Essentials you need to know

Chapter 2: Define Your Offer

Outline your course

Price your course

Name your course

Chapter 3: Automate Your Sales

About sales funnels

Lead magnet or freebie

Landing page and email sign-up form

Welcome email

Sales email sequence

Sales page

Chapter 4: Launch Strategy

Pre-launch Phase

Enrollment Phase

Post-launch Phase

Whats Stopping you?!

I am giving all of this information for FREE because I have also had 9-5 jobs that made me dread every Monday, and I have worked with clients on a 1:1 basis and know that if you use your experience to create an online course, you will have a bigger impact, generate more income and have more free time!

I mean… What’s not to love about online courses?

Download it Here!