Hi! I’m María

Being an online entrepreneur transformed my life. The freedom of working from anywhere, the limitless possibilities, the feeling of purpose of running my own business…

But after running a marketing firm for seven years, I wanted to move beyond trading time for money. So I leveraged my years of experience building my client’s businesses, launching their products, automating their sales through funnels, creating their content… and started my own passive income business teaching others how to do all these things through my digital products.

And this is the beautiful thing about digital products, anyone can create one! All you need to start is to put together your experience, your passion and what others need from you.

But I know it’s not that easy to find this perfect gap, right!? That’s why I created a free guide and workbook to get you started on this journey.

You too deserve to live a life of freedom, abundance and success. I’ve got you.

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I understand how you feel

You see all those digital creators working just a few hours per week while making thousands of dollars EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, and you wish you could have that too!

➡️ The freedom to travel whenever you want.

➡️ The flexibility of managing your own schedule.

➡️ The ability to multiply your income.

➡️ The opportunity of helping others and making an impact.

➡️ The dream of making money while sipping margaritas on the beach… 😏.

For some, this sounds like a wild dream that only a few “lucky ones” get to live, but if you are anything like me, you know this is actually very possible and achievable. It is not about luck, it’s about mindset and work (smart work!).